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Post Workout Recovery Tips

It’s time to start making post workout recovery a priority! You should be giving your body enough time for the muscle to repair before working it again too quickly. Here are a few tips to maximize your recovery so you feel great after each workout.

Stretch it Out:

Stretching after a workout is complete will help loosen your muscles and avoid any soreness afterwards. You can also grab a foam roller to stimulate blood flow and break up scar tissue from exercise.

Get Enough Protein:

Try mixing in a protein shake after each workout. The amino acids will aid in recovery time while ensuring you get enough protein in for the day!

Prioritize Sleep:

We can all use more sleep! If you exercise regularly, it’s crucial to get enough sleep so your body can produce growth hormones that are responsible for tissue repair and growth. You’ll also find that you have much more energy to put into your workouts when you get a proper night’s sleep.

Active Recovery:

If you find it challenging to sit still on a rest day, consider trying out active recovery. Stretching, swimming yoga or simply going for a walk will work wonders. If you’re sore from an intense workout, it’s best to opt for light activity to help alleviate any muscle soreness.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of post workout recovery! Try these for yourself and your training will only improve!

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