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What are Lifting Straps anyways?

If you're not familiar with lifting straps, that's ok! Weight lifting straps are used to help you hold weight in your hands.  They can also protect your hands. They work by looping one end around your wrists, and wrapping the other end around the barbell or dumbbells (or whatever else).

Improve Grip

Hold weight for longer reps without the weights slipping.  More reps completed and you'll reach your fitness goals faster!

Why use weight Lifting Straps?

Loss of grip can happen for any number of reasons: sweat, having smaller hands, gripping something with no knurling (knurling is the little bumps), or just fatigue.  With lifting straps you can hold more weight for longer.  More reps and more sets, equals improved results when you exercise.  Plus you will protect your hands from all those weights!

Protect Hands & Wrists

Soft and thick nylon webbing supports your wrists and protects your hands. 

Do I Really need Lifting Straps?

Yes, you totally need them!  Poor grip should not limit your workouts!  We are fitness enthusiasts that understand the benefits of improved grip when lifting weights.  SLAPSTRAP® is our unique way of delivering this benefit to you!

Easy to Use

The SLAP in SLAPSTRAP® makes it easy for you to grip weights consistently and easily.   

The Slapstrap® Difference

SLAPSTRAPS® are so easy to use anyone can do it!  And once you try them, you will love how fun it is!  Place them around your wrists and then "SLAP" the weights you want to lift!  When you use SLAPSTRAP® you can count on superior grip strength that is effective, simple, fun, affordable, and comfortable!

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