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  • What are SLAPSTRAPS made from?
    SLAPSTRAPS® are made from durable flat nylon webbing. Nylon webbing is known for being both lightweight and strong. Breaking strength of our nylon webbing is over 1200 lbs! SLAPSTRAPS® also have a thick stainless steel bi-stable metal spring sewn into them. This metal spring is what gives SLAPSTRAP their unique "Slap" approach to weight lifting grip. Learn more here.
  • How do I know if weight lifting straps are for me?
    Weight lifting straps can, and should be for anyone! After realizing the benefits of improved grip strength, wrist support, hand protection, etc., the next biggest concern we see is that they can seem intimidating. SLAPSTRAP® aims to dispel any intimidation with this accessory by being easy to use, fun, and fair priced. Check out our additional info about SLAPSTRAP here if you havent already.
  • Are SLAPSTRAPS for Men & Women?
    Yes!! SLAPSTRAPS® are for everyone! We hope you give them a try, we are sure you will love them.
  • How do SLAPSTRAPS fit?
    SLAPSTRAPS® are designed to wrap around your wrist, and also around whatever you are grabbing. They provide protection to your hands as well as Increased grip strength. SLAPSTRAPS® uniquely do this while maintaining comfort and not being too tight when performing exercises. Your new pair of SLAPSTRAPS will fit better each time you use them as they form to your grip.
  • How long do SLAPSTRAPS last?
    SLAPSTRAPS® are totally re-usable each workout, and we encourage you to put them to the test! They will get better and better the more you use them too! We have found that SLAPSTRAPS can last as long as 6 months or more with regular use. Go ahead, Slap some weights!
  • I have smaller/larger hands/wrists, will SLAPSTRAPS® work for me?"
    Yes, they will! If you are worried at all about your hand size relative to our standard size SLAPSTRAPS®, please send us an email. We may be able to make a custom pair for you based on your specific hand size. (Pricing may vary.) Just let us know here, and thank you for taking the time to let us know how we can serve you! Try measuring your own hand, from the wrist below your palm up to the tip of your middle finger. Standard SLAPSTRAPS are ideal for a length between 7-10 inches.
  • I live outside the United States, can I get SLAPSTRAPS???"
    Yes you can! Shipping should calculate correctly for your destination at checkout. We totally want to ship to you wherever you are. If you encounter any problems, Please send us an email so we can make an arrangment with you to recieve the awesome SLAPSTRAPS.
  • How much is shipping?
    Shipping in the United States is FREE right now. International shipping will vary. Shipping will be calculated at checkout for international orders.
  • What if I don't love my SLAPSTRAPS after I order them? Is there a return policy?
    We are committed to your satisfaction, and hope you love your new SLAPSTRAPS® like we do! If you are having any problems with your SLAPSTRAPS, please let us know so we can make it right.
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