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5 Tips For Becoming More Flexible

Did you know that flexibility could be the one thing standing in the way of your fitness goals? Not only will working to increase flexibility help you avoid injury but it can help maintain muscle! If you’re hoping to step up your flexibility game, here are 5 ways you can become more flexible.

  1. Stretch After Your Workout - It’s crucial that your body is warm before stretching so you don’t tear anything! Integrate a few dynamic stretches into your warmup but save the deep stretches for when your workout is over.

  2. Focus on Breathing - Just as it’s important to breathe while exercising, you should focus on taking deep and slow breaths while stretching. By using your mind to muscle connection, you should be able to relieve any tension that builds up!

  3. Forget About Goals - If you have a specific visual goal in mind such as touching your toes, you might force the outcome and cause injury. Instead, focus on moving gently in all directions.

  4. Listen to Your Body - Don’t push yourself too far. Listen to the body’s cues and don’t continue stretching if you feel any pain.

  5. Stretch Your Entire Body - Try not to neglect certain body parts or muscle groups when stretching! You may not realize how stretching your hip flexors, for example, may open up your entire body.

Remember to stick with it and you’ll start to see results. You may also find that including lifting straps or ankle straps in your workouts while introducing more stretching will help to increase flexibility!

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