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Startup business owners Scott and Brittani

How we started


 Hi, my name is Scott.  Fitness and training has been my passion for over ten years.  Working with clients of all fitness levels gave me the idea to make weight lifting straps that work better, are easy to use, and that look awesome. I began this little startup, finally, 8 years after having the original idea.  My amazing wife has been incredibly supportive and encouraged me to make my idea available to everyone!  We have officially launched with a product we totally love and know that you will love them too!

What we are all about

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are little compared to what lies within us". 

We believe hard work pays off and that efficiency should be praised.  We strive to improve everyday and invite you to do the same.  To the dreamers and the doers, we shake your hand, and invite you to lift!



Weightlifting straps are an incredible accessory to help you lift more weights.  Unfortunately, most all lifting straps are lame, poorly made, look and feel terrible, and are not easy to use.   Fortunately, we created SLAPSTRAPS® and they are awesome!  High quality, look and feel amazing, and are easy to use!

Loved by IMM Staff.jpg


"They help my grip even more than I realized.  Lifting more weight helps me reach my goals, and I LOVE the bright pink!"


"I always use these lifting straps when I do any pulling type exercises.  They are my favorite for heavy barbell deadlifts!"


"Very cool weight lifting strap that is a fresh take on an gym necessity."

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